A novel solution: free food

In a world of abundance there’s no sound argument for not providing all necessities to everyone at no cost to them. There’s also no sound argument for not providing those who “make things happen” what they need without requiring them to pay for it. All that’s needed is a way to distribute resources in a way everyone […]

free food

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The Pitfalls of Conformity

I just finished doling out advice. Not something I like to do all the time, but when I do it’s fun, as most things I do are these days. A great thing about the one percent joining those working for a better world, a world without money, with fully-distributed decision making and with all necessities […]

It’s important because it might fail

“If you’re doing something that might not work, then you’re doing something important.” – Seth Godin I love that quote. It means most of us who are using our time and energy aren’t really working on something important. We are conditioned to not risk, to seek the certain path, the one that works because everyone else has […]

do the impossible


Don’t believe everything you think

Often I get the question “Has anything like Copiosis been attempted before?” Another: “Is this something you can do on a small scale to test it?” People asking such questions undoubtedly are looking for confirmation Copiosis can work before believing it as a real possibility. Just six months ago, I was answering such questions with a resounding […]

Nature: “I’m going to get my way” 2

I haven’t held a job or “earned a living” in nearly 5 years. Instead, I’ve founded or co-founded multiple startups while running Copiosis mostly full time. This has allowed me to “check out” on mainstream, corporate life: the hustle, the pace, the consumption, the 9-5, bosses, office politics, butt-kissers, etc. It’s been a wondrous, priceless experience. […]

Nature's bounty


Why anger can’t create lasting change

I recently attended, only briefly, a”$15 minimum wage” rally near my home in Portland. About 65 people showed up. They were of various backgrounds and age groups, but most of them represented the working class. What they also shared was an anger towards the status quo and resistance towards what they believe is something that must change “now”. […]

Will technology make things worse?

In an impressively long article UK Guardian reporter Evgeny Morozov argues that a new form of technology “algorithmic regulation” would destroy the welfare state and end any possibility of the progressive ideal. Algorithmic regulation, a term being tossed about by luminaries such as “visionary” Tim O’Reilly, means a method of using sets of instructions (algorithms) to run […]

technology not the answer

innovation is

How not to do it

Good golly. They got so close. Those focusing on systemic change often point to Northern Europe for evidence that change is possible. Sometimes evidence from Northern Europe teaches a better lesson: how to not do it. While Icelanders approved their crowdsourced constitution created shortly after the Great Recession, the powerful and the elite came in as […]

Why how you see the world is important

There’s a lot to be seen in the world. For those wanting to see changes, we can spend our entire lives looking at all the things going wrong, share them, talk about them, argue with others about them, complain about them, use them to prove to others why the world is so wrong and needs […]

Key to change

gifts that pay

Gift giving pays

Residents at a Portland, Oregon multi-generational living community are proving it pays – in many ways – to offer gifts. Low-income seniors living in the community can receive discounts on their rent when they volunteer at the community for at least 10 hours. The arrangement is similar to the Copiosis net benefit algorithm wherein people […]

The world is getting better

If you’re encouraged about where the world is heading, you’re in good company. We’re not the only ones creating a world we all know is possible. There are literally millions of people doing the same thing. Tiny acts from people that go unnoticed, large ones offering great promise, it’s all blending perfectly in a tapestry […]

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Humanity: making life better is our nature

We are a fountain of new ideas and amazing inventions making people better off and the planet a better place to live. What could be possible if everyone, not just people like Ryan Grepper, had the freedom to pursue their ideas, ideas that could make human life and life on the planet even more amazing than it […]

More evidence that a better world is coming

New York Times Op-Ed columnist David Brooks waxed poetically about a movement diminishing the role of government and introducing yet another phenomena that inches towards Copiosis: The peer-to-peer economy. Using examples Uber and AirBnB, Brooks acknowledges how people have lost trust in big institutions and what they offer. Instead, they’re increasingly relying on each other for commerce, […]


Money Bomb nearer to reality!

Earlier this year, we talked about the fantastic idea. The SuperPAC to end all SuperPACs proposed by Lawrence Lessig will fundamentally change the way candidates raise money for elections and the dynamics that the creation of Super PACs have produced. Back in May we were encouraged. This month we’re thrilled. Here’s why. Lessig’s group, the Mayday Political Action […]

The one percent don’t have a clue? They’re beginning to

I don’t like it when I’m right. When I am, I’m not learning anything new. A Team Copiosis member shared this article recently. While not surprising to me, it will come as a surprise to many of the 99 percent who think the 1 percent (and even the .01 percent) have no interest in creating […]

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