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Perry Gruber

Perry Gruber, Copiosis founder

"I swear, I’m not a crackpot! LOL"

I believe the world is fabulous and only getting better. People like you and me, using our talents, skills, knowledge and money are making that better world happen. I do this work because it’s fun, it’s never been done before and it’s interesting. I’ve been a Marine, an executive for the Department of Energy and Intel Corporation. I’ve either founded or been an executive of six startup companies all designed to make the world a better place. I know how to turn an idea into reality.

"Perry Gruber is taking a free-market approach to eliminating the market entirely."~Emily Green, Street Roots Newspaper
A broad spiritual background informs my approach. It includes direct experience with Ayahuasca plant medicines, many years of meditation and esoteric martial arts, scholarly work in Buddhism, and, more recently, a prolonged inquiry into the nature of reality supported by Guides I rely on for inspiration and encouragement. The results of all this work lead me to believe that we all create our reality. So why not make it the best we can possibly make it?


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“I've been contemplating the need for a RBE economy for around a year now but only began seriously researching the subject yesterday, and was pleasantly surprised to find Copiosis. Your vision appears broad yet thoughtful and detailed, and I am very encouraged by your plan to initially run Copiosis like a business and use money in order to overthrow money, so to speak.”
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