Why Every Person Deserves To Be Rich

May. 8, 2019 by

The way we think about civilization shapes it. Which in turn shapes us. And our opinions of other people. The only thing keeping everyone from being rich is believing that’s impossible.

The World Says Your Job Sucks. Even If You Love It.

May. 1, 2019 by

The world is changing. Fast. Our best way to welcome the change: Doing away with jobs. Now’s the perfect time. And the world and humanity will be better for it.

Here’s How Easy A Better World Happens.

Apr. 24, 2019 by

Betterworlders create new worlds. Sometimes they get to live in them. Sometimes not. But it doesn’t matter. Betterworlding is the reward. Not the world they create.

The Extraordinary Future That Is Brit Marling

Apr. 11, 2019 by

Actress, producer director Brit Marling was on the fast track to Financier Heaven. She gave it up. But still got rich. That’s going to be your opportunity too in the future.