A question of natural resources

Editor's note: We had a visitor ask a question and thought others might have the same or similar questions.  Question: Since everything in Copiosis is property, and all property is owned by someone, what is the story around basic resources?  How are resources allocated to provide the most Net-Benefit? How is this determined and by who? … Continue reading A question of natural resources

What about sociopaths?

Editors note: This post is in response to a question we received via Twitter   How do you keep sociopaths from gaming [Copiosis]?   In every society there are people who act in ways that are sociopathic. Some actually are sociopaths. Who knows why they are the way they are? In status-quo economies, we have to … Continue reading What about sociopaths?

How to make power work for everyone

Don't you wish you had power? You could get people to do pretty much anything you wanted. The rich have quite a lot of power. Presidents, Popes, CEOs, and Head Coaches all seem to have a lot of power. Some power is open, and considered to be legitimate (it's called authority); while other power is … Continue reading How to make power work for everyone