Copiosis Makes The Rich And Everyone Else Richer

As the country and eventually the world transitions out of capitalism and into Copiosis, nobody looses their wealth or property. There are no taxes and no redistribution.

In fact, many of those who already are wealthy in the current system will see their “net worth” increase substantially in the new system, depending on how they steward their property and how that stewardship benefits the community and the environment. Creditors and shareholders are fully compensated for any securities or debt instruments they hold.

What the wealthy will give up is their power over others. Billionaires can no longer use their wealth to influence the legislative process or exert control over others, economically or otherwise – but since taxes and regulations limiting what they do and how they doing no longer exist, they won’t need to. The only “control” is their enlightened self-interest: the more their actions benefit people and the planet, the richer they become.

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