Copiosis FAQ Compendium

This is our complete (but constantly growing) compendium of questions asked about Copiosis. The compendium comprises 130 pages answering both common and uncommon questions. This is our first volume. Check back for updates. Got a question about how Copiosis deals with some aspect of daily life? It’s likely here. If not, recommend a question!

What is Stigmergy?

Stigmergy is the process by which people in a Copiosis society get things done. It also is the leadership culture of the implementation organization, Copiosis. This report explains stigmergy by comparing it with other organizational structures and processes used today. The content in this report is part of a series incorporated into a book ‘Binding … Continue reading What is Stigmergy?

Our Net Benefit Reward Alogorithm Proposal Version 7.1

Like most algorithms, the Copiosis NBR algorithm is a process described in a series of mathematical steps. These steps are happening constantly during a given calculation interval. They are also happening at different levels of society: Individual, organization, neighborhood, village, town, city, metropolis, region, nation, international, global. It operates this way so cultural, regional and other differences between human communities can be captured in each calculation.

Will Robots Steal Our Jobs?

The most obvious implication of our analysis is the need for increased investment in education and skills to help people adapt to technological change throughout their careers. While increased training in digital skills and STEM subjects is one important element in this, it will also require retraining of, for example, truck drivers to take jobs in services sectors where demand is high but automation is less easy due to the importance of social skills and ‘the human touch’.