Will Robots Steal Our Jobs?

The most obvious implication of our analysis is the need for increased investment in education and skills to help people adapt to technological change throughout their careers. While increased training in digital skills and STEM subjects is one important element in this, it will also require retraining of, for example, truck drivers to take jobs in services sectors where demand is high but automation is less easy due to the importance of social skills and ‘the human touch’.

A New Future Can Be Ours (Un Nuevo Futuro Puede Ser Nuestro)

Esta versión en español de A New Future Can Be Ours ya está disponible. Este es un documento creado a partir de un premio de financiación que Copiosis contrajo en 2016. En este documento, examinamos cómo Copiosis afectaría muchos aspectos de la sociedad global y local: comercio internacional, política, propiedad pública, propiedad privada, democracia, el … Continue reading A New Future Can Be Ours (Un Nuevo Futuro Puede Ser Nuestro)

Global Challenges Survey

This is a collection of research entitled “Attitudes to global risks and governance” commissioned by the Global Challenges Foundation, the organization responsible for the $5 Million Challenge Prize. “In 2017, ComRes conducted an international survey for the Global Challenges Foundation capturing the views of the general public on global risks and global cooperation. An online … Continue reading Global Challenges Survey