What is Stigmergy?

Stigmergy is the process by which people in a Copiosis society get things done. It also is the leadership culture of the implementation organization, Copiosis. This report explains stigmergy by comparing it with other organizational structures and processes used today. The content in this report is part of a series incorporated into a book ‘Binding … Continue reading What is Stigmergy?

A New Future Can Be Ours (Un Nuevo Futuro Puede Ser Nuestro)

Esta versión en español de A New Future Can Be Ours ya está disponible. Este es un documento creado a partir de un premio de financiación que Copiosis contrajo en 2016. En este documento, examinamos cómo Copiosis afectaría muchos aspectos de la sociedad global y local: comercio internacional, política, propiedad pública, propiedad privada, democracia, el … Continue reading A New Future Can Be Ours (Un Nuevo Futuro Puede Ser Nuestro)

New ideas comparison table

New ideas comparison table This is a spreadsheet (pdf) comparing nearly the most popular new economic system theories that exists today with Copiosis. Want to know how your favorite idea stacks up against Copiosis? Download this document and see!

A New Future Can Be Ours – English Forward

This is a document created from a funding prize Copiosis entered into in 2016. In this document, we examine how Copiosis would effect many aspects of global and local society: International Trade, Politics, Public Property, Private Property, Democracy, the profit motive, Welfare, Women’s issues and other social issues and more.