How We Make It Happen

Copiosis is the only new economic system with a feasible transition plan out of capitalism at a global scale.

Copiosis is the only kind of economic system that has its own transition plan from the current economy, making it far more likely to be adopted as a feasible alternative to the grow-or-die economy. This is because when the switch is made to Copiosis, we will – at the same time – abolish all debt and compensate all debt holders with an equivalent amount of NBR. Those who have worked hard to amass whatever they own to this point will not have anything taken away from them. All productive assets will still be controlled by those who own them today. They will just be put in service to activities that will yield the highest net benefit instead of the highest profit. Most other alternative economic systems require taking from those who have and giving to those who have not. Copiosis does not. Instead, it levels the playing field so that everyone’s positive activities contribute to both the well being of the individual and the well being of society.

Our transition plan is very detailed. Along each phase and step, we will show you where we are and how you can help…

Phase 1: Awareness and Foundation Building.

This step we spread the world using demonstration projects to increase awareness and grow our financial base which pays for future activities.

Progress Report
Ways You Can Help
  1. 1000 demonstration project events having happened in the US. Some similar number having happened outside the US
  2. 1-3 High Net Worth individuals funding initial Copiosis operations

We have global recognition of Copiosis on nearly every continent, with demonstration projects declared in Northern and Southern Europe, North America, and Australia. Our demonstration projects are changing, so our pace has slowed as demand for Copiosis information has exceeded our ability to supply that information. We are also beginning to reach out to known high net worth individuals through our personal networks to seek funding.

  1. Fundraising
  2. Game design
  3. Computer design
  4. Marketing and promotion
  5. Leading a demonstration project event
  6. Spread the word

Progress Report
Ways You Can Help

Phase 2: Creating Edutainment

This step involves four main initiatives: Designing a Copiosis Board Game, Designing a online MMORPG similar to Second Life or World of Warcraft, but with a Copiosis theme, a theatrical event and an online series about Copiosis.

Progress Report
Ways You Can Help
  1. Sustaining revenues from these events
  2. Large numbers of individuals giving $5-$50 a month as Copiosis Patrons, creating a “community chest” of hundreds of millions of dollars a year

Our transition steps overlap. We are in the process of redesigning our demonstration projects so they are more like gaming events. We are in the early stages of designing the board game.

  1. Participate in phase one activities
  2. Become a Patron
  3. If you’re familiar with theater, computer game design, script writing or other drama-related skill contact us
  4. Lead a demonstration project in your area
  5. Spread the word!

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Phase 3: Political Phase.

We groom and elect Copiosis platform politicians in state and local legislatures, eventually electing them to federal/parliamentary legislative posts. Once there, they will sponsor the bill that will eventually codify the Copiosis transition legislation as an Act of Law.

Progress Report
Ways You Can Help
  1. Successfully elect 1-3 state congress people or senators in at least one state.
  2. Successfully place a minority of elected officials in the US Senate or Congress
  3. Successfully pass Copiosis transition legislation

None at this time.

Focus on earlier stages.

Progress Report
Ways You Can Help

In summary, there are four main reasons why we believe Copiosis is the solution to many of the world’s problems. Copiosis…

Copiosis will unleash a massive reservoir of untapped human potential by freeing huge swaths of humanity from living at or below poverty. It will provide more opportunity to more individuals than ever before by providing education, food, and healthcare to all at no cost. Imagine what humanity can do when every person on the planet has all their basic needs provided and every person is free to follow their passion!

With maximizing benefit to people and the planet in mind, and no longer having to compete with other humans for basic necessities, societies will become more participatory and generous, unleashing the natural state of what it means to be human: generous, kind, and contributory. What will society look like then?

Most scarcity is a function of cost. That you can’t have is that which you can’t afford. With money out of the equation and necessities provided to all, your freedoms have never before been as abundant.

What is keeping us from joining hands and restoring our environment? For many it is the fact that plundering earth’s is the only means of putting food on the table. For others, the cost of environmental stewardship is too high: it would cost jobs, entire industries and economies. But in Copiosis costs are no longer a factor. Neither is earning a living. What’s more, those who are passionate about restoring the planet can do that work full time and be rewarded. If you aren’t one of those people, that work costs you nothing.

  • Frees Human Potential
  • Creates Resilient and Participative Society
  • Offers Experience of Perceived Abundance
  • Promotes Environmental Restoration

So is there anything stopping you from getting involved? This is a movement that starts from the ground up so if you have any concerns at all, please let us know. We would love to hear from you. By working together, we can and will create a better future for all. If so, let us know what it is.