Why we can get the money

My belief alone, while powerful, is not the only reason we can get the money. Another, more convincing one is, we already do have a stream of money coming into the organization. Today 23 patrons are financing making Copiosis a reality. While that number seems small, it is significant.

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We didn’t get $100,000,000

Everyone who has gone from not winning to winning knows that “not winning” only becomes “losing” the moment one gives up. It’s hard not giving up when all seems lost, or when the goal is enormous and you hit mutiple not-wins.

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Status of Demonstration Projects

The most compelling thing about Copiosis is our focus on producing actual, real-world results showing real-world progress towards our stated goal.

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Labels are limits

You think different. You are different. If you’re supporting Copiosis, you’re really different. That’s because you are not allowing the masses to define not only reality, your reality and what’s possible. You’re not allowing the masses define how change happens.

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