Turkeys, Results and Great History Righting

A world worthy of thanks requires unearthing things making appreciation hard. Righting America is part of that. Let’s make Thanksgiving more thankful.

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Great Awakenings We Promise When Money Is Gone

We know people will love the Copiosis future. That future leaves everyone richer, freer and living in a world where money doesn’t exist. That’s a good thing.

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[VIDEO] Life: Better, More Precious Than Money

Today many work to live. In Copiosis a life well lived is the goal. Everyone is rich too. But a rich life lived is the real value. Not money.

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An Awesome, Amazing Moment For Humanity’s Future

We think SpaceX offers a peek at an extraordinary, bigger, brighter human future. A future where humanity reaches for the stars.

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[VIDEO] Why Do People Hate Algorithms?

Some hate and fear algorithms and for good reasons. But our algorithm is public facing and transparent. It also only works for human good. Find out how.

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All Schools Private (and That’s a Good Thing)

In Copiosis, not only are all schools private — so is every classroom, in which students drive and teachers design the curriculum.

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