When I get it right

Jul. 18, 2017 by

When you know, I guess you know.

We’re proud of our latest achievement

Jul. 11, 2017 by

Often, people are embolden by a great idea, start to support it, but then crumble in the face of the inevitable friction faced.

Happy Birthday America! Widespread corruption in American government a widely-held belief

Jul. 4, 2017 by

According to a global poll on the matter, two-thirds of Americans agree government corruption is widespread in America. Which makes it ironic that America passes laws forbidding corporate officers from participating in government corruption practices abroad.

US trust in government sucks

Jun. 27, 2017 by

No matter how you slice the data, American trust in government is at an all time low. Whether it’s Gallup, or Pew or some other reputable polling organization, the numbers are pretty much the same. Americans say government can’t be

“The world is a broken place”

Jun. 20, 2017 by

What does it mean when over 90 percent of workers in one of the largest economies are “disengaged” at work? In the US alone, 70 percent of workers are “disengaged”. What does that mean for our global economic system?

A hero passes: Long live Jacque Fresco!

Jun. 13, 2017 by

Jacque lives on in the rest of us. So do his ideas. And while you think he is gone as a living being, I have a different perspective. But that’s another story, too deep to explore here. What I do want


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