The Best Most Powerful Future Comes From People

A regenerative, global gift economy Copiosis promises requires everyone doing their part. That means showing others how it’s done. With actions not talk.

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[VIDEO] How Wealth Results In A Better Future

People flaunting their wealth in Copiosis help create a better world. Because when you aspire to what they have, you help make the world better too. Easy peasy.

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How A Famous Economist Saw A Better Future In Copiosis

John Maynard Keynes predicted Copiosis: a future where people need to earn a living. A better future for sure. He just didn’t know its name.

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(VIDEO) The Rich Want A Great Future Too

The rich are on our side. They want a great future too. Finally, there’s a way to create that future. A future where everyone wins.

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How Copiosis Makes Happy Nows Into A Great Future

A fictional story about one person who finds dreams come true in a system that performs way better than capitalism, socialism and communism.

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(Video) We Can All Be Great In A New, Better Future

Let’s create a world where people are really free, everyone’s a winner. Then when we head to the stars we can leave the capitalist, oppressive approach behind.

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