One-percenters aren’t the problem; thinking they are is

Oct. 17, 2017 by

In short: if any blame must be thrown around for what we are experiencing, we all own a portion of it. Including the one percent. But to place all the blame on them, as though you don’t own any, is just plain ignorant.

What postmodern revolution looks like

What postmodern revolution looks like

Dec. 15, 2015 by

What does the postmodern revolution look like?  Is it sexy and exciting?  Marching in the streets?  Talking on the news?  Is it wearing hoodies, or posting slogans of pseudo-solidarity on social media? What does it take to make lasting, fundamental

What a Citizen Jury ruling might look like

What a Citizen Jury ruling might look like

Nov. 17, 2015 by

As our demonstration projects are moving forward, I’m learning a lot.  We immediately discovered ways to improve what we’re doing.  Equally, we’re discovering how quickly other elements of our innovation come into play.  One of those is the Citizen Jury.  As

Northern California sees the vision

Sep. 1, 2015 by

Early this month I spent an exciting five days in Northern California.  It was one of the most thrilling weeks so far at the helm of this massive adventure.  So many positive things happened and I want to share them