Why Copiosis is more than just another monetary system

Some people say I’m being “dishonest” by saying there is no money in Copiosis. Not only is that a strong accusation, it’s completely inaccurate. As I described above “money” facilitates two-way exchanges. It is a medium that allows two people to satisfy dissimilar desires via a common standard of value decreed by a central bank working with government. Often those desires are immoral. Money is transferred from the buyer to the seller. The whole process is governed by a system of banks and government. Here’s how Copiosis shares none of these characteristics.

What a Citizen Jury ruling might look like

As our demonstration projects are moving forward, I’m learning a lot.  We immediately discovered ways to improve what we’re doing.  Equally, we’re discovering how quickly other elements of our innovation come into play.  One of those is the Citizen Jury.  As explained in the link, the Citizen Jury is the process citizens help the payer organization make subjective … Continue reading What a Citizen Jury ruling might look like