The Establishment is not on your side

Some people—mostly anarchists—have come to this realization already. Yes, government, the law, the constitution, all these things have preserved a measure of comfort and safety.  But at what cost?  Obviously, an acceptable cost until recently.  Now many more beyond the anarchist set are seeing the establishment for what it is—a self-perpetuating, self-interest–preserving institution. Just like everything … Continue reading The Establishment is not on your side

Don’t be shy, say hi.

Join us for our regular small group Skype chats. Every other Saturday at 10 a.m. PST. Totally free. Utterly inspiring. Find out how we're making the impossible impossible. Agenda varies. What you'll walk away with: an appreciation and hope that humanity may indeed make it. We're also planning International Skype chats. Better-suited for timezones outside the … Continue reading Don’t be shy, say hi.

Usher in the post-government era now.

Nations with Traditional economies always have government. Do Copiosis Economies have to have a government?  Of course, that depends upon what one means by the word "government." Referring to a dictionary, the most appropriate definition we can find is as follows: 5 a: the organization, machinery, or agency through which a political unit exercises authority … Continue reading Usher in the post-government era now.