No Trump, no Hillary, no Sanders

In the coming world we’re making a reality at Copiosis, there’s no need to have charismatic political leaders standing between what we as society want to have happen and what actually happens. Instead the Copiosis transition plan is creating a society where you and I are free to focus our energies on living enjoyable, healthy lives.

Copiosis Portland Presentation

I recorded this video presentation as a recap of the presentation I gave at the May 9, 2015 Copiosis Portland Tour. It examines tactics people have used historically to successfully change society for the better. It then explains why these tactics may now be less effective, opening the door for new approaches such as Copiosis … Continue reading Copiosis Portland Presentation

Where you stand on the matter doesn’t matter, Pt. 2

A Copiosis enthusiast asked the following question on the Copiosis Social Page on Facebook.  It offers an opportunity for us to better understand our innovation, so I've pasted my response here, with significant modifications and expansion for clarity, and broken into parts for quick consumption.  This is part two.  You can read part one here. Question:  How does Copiosis deal … Continue reading Where you stand on the matter doesn’t matter, Pt. 2