Works in progress mean progress

The larger and intractable-seeming our problems, the larger and more magnificent the solutions we create. That’s humanity’s crowning achievement: its ability to solve problems in ways that turn problems into pivot points for new and better futures. Anyone who is down on humanity, or down on the future doesn’t understand the greatness that is humanity.

Get real.

The critical mind (the one that tells you to “be realistic”) wants us to have all the answers, answers to questions we don’t need answers to right now. Your friends and acquaintances and the strangers you talk to about your plans often come from this part of their heads when they tell you you’re stupid, crazy, a pipe dreamer or a Utopian for trying to do what you’re doing.

Why the future is exciting

Your future is 100 percent determined by the perspective you take on it. That's it. The more you manufacture a perspective that your future is adventurous, exciting, and full of positive opportunity, the more it turns out that way. This is not positive thinking mumbo jumbo. It's how life can work.  Bear with me as I … Continue reading Why the future is exciting