The end of Jobs

The end of Jobs

Dec. 9, 2013 by

Creatives are finding it increasingly difficult to earn money doing what they love. A recent United Kingdom Independent Article chronicled the struggle of writers who increasingly are asked to contribute their work free. A recent New York Times featured another writer also expressing

What comes next?

Nov. 13, 2013 by

Ask around and I bet you’ll find someone among your friends’ network who believes one of two things: 1. The United States is already in decline and will soon face an economic and social collapse of some magnitude. 2. The

Story of Solutions points to Copiosis

Story of Solutions points to Copiosis

Nov. 5, 2013 by

In December 2007, Annie Leonard started a movement. Today, she continues the wildly successful “The Story of Stuff” with a new video “The Story of Solutions.” That video takes viewers on a ride…directly toward Copiosis. Yes, I know. She didn’t really mean

A Future Where Amazing Things Make The World Amazing

Sep. 18, 2013 by

We offer a video called Sacred Economics which explains why now more than ever Copiosis is an idea whose time has come.