Our mass fears quantified

Nov. 14, 2017 by

Who cares about wealth inequality if the planet is unlivable? Who cares about racism if the only race remaining is a bunch of nuclearized, mutant subhumans? And of course, no one wants to live through another devastating global war.

Global citizens: We can do better than the United Nations

Nov. 7, 2017 by

It’s not surprising to me that so many people are thinking about these issues. It is encouraging to see that many people, in many different countries, realize something fundamental must happen.

Global humanity more ready than ever for Copiosis

Oct. 24, 2017 by

It’s fascinating to me that the United States is the only country where more people think such an organization is needed. And the increase between the last survey and the current one, to me is astounding.

Where you stand on the matter doesn’t matter, Pt. 2

Where you stand on the matter doesn’t matter, Pt. 2

Dec. 30, 2014 by

A Copiosis enthusiast asked the following question on the Copiosis Social Page on Facebook.  It offers an opportunity for us to better understand our innovation, so I’ve pasted my response here, with significant modifications and expansion for clarity, and broken into parts for