The Rube Goldberg Machine That Is American Healthcare

Sep. 5, 2018 by

How American healthcare threw one man for a loop when he thought he was going blind, but ended up flabbergasted.

“I was charged $10 for a cough drop”

“I was charged $10 for a cough drop”

Jul. 31, 2018 by

$10 for a cough drop: We’re going to solve the $10 cough drop problem. But it’s not going to happen overnight.

“Obamacare killed my company”

Nov. 28, 2017 by

I recently talked with a convicted felon and successful businessperson (a construction contractor) who said during an interview that “Obamacare killed my company”. It’s interesting when I hear that coming from people who believe in free enterprise, free markets and such.

Why I welcome the automated economy

Why I welcome the automated economy

Jun. 30, 2015 by

Let’s skip basic income. Whether it comes sooner or later, there will be an automated economy in which smart machines are doing so many jobs that people are left with far more leisure time and governments are left with far less tax revenue.  Whether this