Organized opposition doesn’t work

Mirrors are amazing because they evoke powerful emotions that trigger unconscious behaviors.  Watch someone looking at a mirror and you'll see what I mean. What we most miss about mirrors is their mysterious benevolence.  They sit there quietly reminding us of our greatness. In my last post I wrote about the end of the Charismatic-leader era.  I … Continue reading Organized opposition doesn’t work

Where you stand on the matter doesn’t matter

A Copiosis enthusiast asked the following question on the Copiosis Social Page on Facebook.  It offers opportunity to better understand the innovation.  So I've pasted my response here, with slight modifications for clarity, and broken into parts for quick consumption. Question: How does Copiosis deal with differences in individual ideological/belief systems?  How are divergent beliefs … Continue reading Where you stand on the matter doesn’t matter

The case for eliminating government – 7

Ah, eliminating government by creating something better. This is the final post in the seven part series. In my previous post, I asked how we could capitalize on a dynamic in which people who do bad things provoke positive actions we want to see.  I used the domestic abuse dynamic as an example.  You've probably … Continue reading The case for eliminating government – 7