BitCoin is just another currency

I love BitCoin because it has people thinking there just might be a better way to run civilization. With its initial limelight somewhat behind us, it’s interesting to look at aspects of BitCoin which make is way too similar to currencies of the day and why I think that is a problem. I love the idea … Continue reading BitCoin is just another currency

Accomplishing the extraordinary (and impossible)

What makes people who accomplish extraordinary things extraordinary? Is it living free of commonly-held beliefs about success and failure? How many times are you willing to try something before you succeed at it? Three, three hundred, three thousand? How many years are you willing to work on a worthwhile goal? One, 10, 20? People give up after a few … Continue reading Accomplishing the extraordinary (and impossible)

Ending The ‘Rule Of Money’

Contrary to wildly popular belief, there never has in recorded history been a society which operated strictly on barter. That's a lie told by most economists and economic professors. Money on the other hand, is a different story. Feels as if there's no way to get away from the stuff.  Money = religion. Yet money … Continue reading Ending The ‘Rule Of Money’