Humans are overrated

That’s the reason Jeff (not his real name) used to explain why science was the solution to our global problems.  The conversation, debate, one-sided argument?  Not sure what it was really.  Anyway, it started when I said unrestrained human passion is the solution to our problems. Jeff countered, saying, “Without reason, passion is worthless."  Then he argued that … Continue reading Humans are overrated

A case for no privacy whatsoever

"It's not about anonymity. It's about having a say in how others treat potentially sensitive, even confidential information about our lives, our families, our health, our credit--everything." - Comment on NPR blog This will be hard to swallow. Contention: the need for privacy exists only to the extent your private details can be used to harm you. … Continue reading A case for no privacy whatsoever

Obama scores a 9.0 on SOTU pomp

The President of the United States of America (POTUS) scored a near perfect 10 on pomp and circumstance for his State of the Union Speech. It was of course light on policy and heavy on politics. Wether his administration and Congress picks up his "the year of action" theme for 2014 remains to be seen. Popular … Continue reading Obama scores a 9.0 on SOTU pomp