Good news: the young are poorer than their parents!

Sep. 5, 2017 by

Young people are screwed financially.

Why the world is flat

Why the world is flat

Mar. 10, 2014 by

I was having a chat with someone I respect. It reminded me how bizarre the world is. Bizarre because it’s flat. Not the geography, but our experience of it. This experience is why the great majority of us are apathetic

Teachers can make millions.

Teachers can make millions.

Dec. 7, 2013 by

What kind of crazy is it that teachers are so poorly paid? In a Copiosis Economy, teachers have a real chance of becoming rich. That’s right, with our innovation, education pays. Copiosis. The American Way. Way better. Find out more.

Make The World Better. Give These The Boot

Oct. 30, 2013 by

Money, Markets and Government: they’ve been around seeming forever. So we accept them as natural. They’re not. Give them the boot and we can create a far better world.