Fundamental really means that

May. 16, 2017 by

Did you know Jacque Fresco’s first attempt to make society a better place was to try to offer a new way of thinking that could shift society from the inside out?

Getting Sh*t Done

Getting Sh*t Done

Nov. 29, 2016 by

We’re going slow with a bias for getting things done. Sounds like a contradiction. It is in a way. But this is how we succeed.

First Demonstration Project: Five families participating

Sep. 15, 2015 by

Five families have accepted invitations to participate in the first Copiosis demonstration project.  Kenton Copiosis, located in a North Portland, Ore., neighborhood will be launching in September. Participant families, who will remain anonymous until they agree to release their identities,

Creating “Utopia”*

Creating “Utopia”*

Jun. 2, 2015 by

By far the most important question we get about Copiosis is, “How will you make it happen?” My answer so far has been sufficient to change the minds of some skeptics and turn others into believers.  That’s because not only