Why NBR makes more sense than paying people money

Feb. 27, 2018 by

Don’t you think it’s great that everyone would be lining up to feed people? I do. Because feeding people is important. More important than filing. More important than accounting. More important than advising someone on their tax shelters.

We didn’t get $100,000,000

Feb. 14, 2017 by

Everyone who has gone from not winning to winning knows that “not winning” only becomes “losing” the moment one gives up. It’s hard not giving up when all seems lost, or when the goal is enormous and you hit mutiple not-wins.

Amoral capitalism at work

Amoral capitalism at work

Oct. 11, 2016 by

When I first read this piece, I thought OMG, there are people operating in this process who have the power to destroy Copiosis before it starts. The system they’ve corrupted to fleece governments, communities, etc., seemed above the law. Ultra powerful. For a moment I was scared. But then I realized something.

Drawing blood and other passions

Drawing blood and other passions

Sep. 20, 2016 by

There are as many passions as there are people on the planet. Not everyone, once freed from earning a living, will become painters and musicians or poets. Some people will still want to start companies, invent things, work the land, conserve the environment. No. You don’t have to “motivate” people to do this work by restricting necessities and forcing people to be “productive” so they can “earn” those things.