Up close and personal

There are a lot of ways to think about sustainability. At Copiosis we’re thinking “meta”. At some point, all that meta-thinking has to translate to the personal. I’m trying to walk my talk in my own life. The company A Sustainable Mind, founded by Marjorie Alexander, hosts a Podcast each week. This week Marjorie and I talked about my personal sustainability journey.

Two things I love about this video

Two things I like most about what this guy has to say: One, how close he’s getting to the real problem, and two how he doesn’t give a shit about conspiracy theories, the one percent, or even church-affiliate groups. He cuts through the crap and gets (close) to the point. Nice. https://www.facebook.com/747419318721729/videos/772859846177676/?fref=nf   Hat tip … Continue reading Two things I love about this video