10 Ways Capitalism Is The Best Thing Ever

Sep. 12, 2018 by

There’s a lot to like about capitalism. It has been pretty magnificent. Is all that magnificence a good case for not replacing it with something better? Something from the future, not the past? Nope.

The Rube Goldberg Machine That Is American Healthcare

Sep. 5, 2018 by

How American healthcare threw one man for a loop when he thought he was going blind, but ended up flabbergasted.

“I was charged $10 for a cough drop”

“I was charged $10 for a cough drop”

Jul. 31, 2018 by

$10 for a cough drop: We’re going to solve the $10 cough drop problem. But it’s not going to happen overnight.

Attack capitalism, it will attack back

Attack capitalism, it will attack back

Jul. 24, 2018 by

Note for example that people who most hate capitalism (or money) don’t enjoy living in capitalism (they don’t experience benefitting from it) nor do they have much money. You don’t see a lot of people who have a lot of financial success complaining or criticizing the system that provides them their massive income streams.