Why I welcome the automated economy

Let’s skip basic income. Whether it comes sooner or later, there will be an automated economy in which smart machines are doing so many jobs that people are left with far more leisure time and governments are left with far less tax revenue.  Whether this is a problem for humanity or not depends on how bold we are today.  Basic … Continue reading Why I welcome the automated economy

Why we won’t stop making the world a “mess” . . . yet

I've made the argument that getting rid of government is a good idea.  I’ve also argued that traditional tools for sparking change—demonstrations, public marches, and such, as well as charismatic leaders leading the masses on a cause—are the tactics of a bygone era. If I'm right,  you are the only person capable of creating the world … Continue reading Why we won’t stop making the world a “mess” . . . yet

Everyone has healthcare.

That a person should go bankrupt because of an illness, disease, or life-threatening emergency is stupid. In a Copiosis Economy medical bankruptcy is impossible. What's more, Copiosis provides all people with top-quality healthcare at no cost to them. It's another benefit our innovation provides civilization. Copiosis. The American Way. Way better.