Capitalism: morally superior? No.

If people really were “shaping their own destiny” in capitalism they would not be working office jobs, pushing paper and counting FRNs, rubles or rupees, working manufacturing jobs assembling cheap shit people don’t want or need except for the capitalist propaganda (called marketing) that makes them think they need it, digging mines and making weapons to kill other human beings. They would be following their PASSIONS, their spirit-inspired path to their greater JOY. Yes, some would do things that look like ordinary work, but life on the planet would be far more extraordinary than it is.

Northern California sees the vision

Early this month I spent an exciting five days in Northern California.  It was one of the most thrilling weeks so far at the helm of this massive adventure.  So many positive things happened and I want to share them all with you to give you a sense of the positive outcomes we’re producing, outcomes … Continue reading Northern California sees the vision