Get real.

The critical mind (the one that tells you to “be realistic”) wants us to have all the answers, answers to questions we don’t need answers to right now. Your friends and acquaintances and the strangers you talk to about your plans often come from this part of their heads when they tell you you’re stupid, crazy, a pipe dreamer or a Utopian for trying to do what you’re doing.

I see it because I believe it

An enthusiastic Copiosis supporter asked “What is the best way to engage others in spreading the word?" It’s a great question.  This post is the answer I gave him, embellished a bit for clarity. First off, the two best documents to share with anyone you’re talking with about Copiosis are the How it works post … Continue reading I see it because I believe it

Money is freedom?

Some people believe money equals freedom.  The logic goes that because I have money, I don't need to build relationships with people to get what I want.  I can just buy it.  If I don't have the money to buy what I want, I  can just work to earn it, or not work and not … Continue reading Money is freedom?