Why lazy people aren’t a problem in Copiosis

Let’s take garbage collection. Why do we need garbage collection? Well, because people make garbage (garbage is really called “waste”). But “waste” is a fiction. Nothing is wasted in nature.

What’s possible when money is not involved

A main premise for building Copiosis:  Eliminate money as a constraining resource, and humanity will make things happen more rapidly, more innovatively.  Those things humanity makes will benefit far more people than goods money pays for today, thereby making humanity far more prosperous than it is today. For those who think this is idiocy, I offer two potent examples: … Continue reading What’s possible when money is not involved

There are no lazy people

There’s a prevailing value held by many in the US (and maybe other countries). It goes something like this: People should not get anything for free. It makes them lazy. Without working for what they have, they would just sit around and do nothing I find this statement preposterous on many levels. Not only do people … Continue reading There are no lazy people

Money is freedom

I know. That headline contradicts a post I wrote recently.  Here me out.  It’s important. Among most people's dreams is one of being rich.  There’s a reason for this.  When they dream of being rich, people don’t consider the pain in the ass it is actually having millions of dollars.  Riches bring a lot of troubles, including managing the fear … Continue reading Money is freedom