Let’s make all drugs legal

This is the second post in a series on how to win the war on drugs. In this post, I make the argument for legalizing all drugs.  Before you scoff and navigate away from this post, you might want to read the previous one, or our Conceptual Overview so you have a basic understanding of why … Continue reading Let’s make all drugs legal

How to win the War on Drugs

We're going to win the war on drugs by surrendering. Americans balk at avoiding a fight, a tendency that's gotten us in a lot of trouble. The War on Drugs is a great example.  We focus on solutions at Copiosis, so I'm not going to detail the drug war's history.  You likely have opinions about it too. … Continue reading How to win the War on Drugs

Good Riddance, Securus

I read this piece by my friend Anthony Peyton Porter and was reminded how way better life will be for everyone, particularly the unfortunate souls caught in the "justice" system, when Copiosis becomes the dominant socioeconomic system worldwide. What caught my attention, besides the obvious, of Anthony's post, was this Texas based company called Securus and how they're earning … Continue reading Good Riddance, Securus