Snowden acknowledges ineffectiveness of organized opposition

SnowdenI recently wrote a couple of posts about why organized resistance in the form of demonstrations no longer work.  It seems I have good company, because Edward Snowden agrees.  Here’s what he said in a recent interview in The Nation:

Edward Snowden: I believe strongly that Occupy Wall Street had such limits because the local authorities were able to enforce, basically in our imaginations, an image of what proper civil disobedience is—one that is simply ineffective. All those people who went out missed work, didn’t get paid. Those were individuals who were already feeling the effects of inequality, so they didn’t have a lot to lose. And then the individuals who were louder, more disruptive and, in many ways, more effective at drawing attention to their concerns were immediately castigated by authorities. They were cordoned off, pepper-sprayed, thrown in jail.

He concluded with pretty much what I have to say about Occupy and other organized “mob” resistance:

The Nation: But you think Occupy nonetheless had an impact?

Snowden: It had an impact on consciousness. It was not effective in realizing change. But too often we forget that social and political movements don’t happen overnight. They don’t bring change immediately—you have to build a critical mass of understanding of the issues. But getting inequality out there into the consciousness was important. All these political pundits now talking about the 2014 and 2016 elections are talking about inequality.

There’s a far better way to create the real change, not just politicians giving lip service to change—we have to do things differently. My recent and impending posts explain what that different way looks like.

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Capitalism’s velvet fist: job retention

Velvet Fist.001Popular iconography is “velvet handcuffs”. It’s that place you don’t like or even hate, but the benefits are so good you can’t  quit.

Or, you’re so much in debt, you can’t “afford” to.

Better term: velvet fist. Get outta line and you’ll meet the hard side. It’ll hammer you back into shape (conformity) if you speak out against wrong-doing, injustice, or illegal behavior. It’s ruined careers, even killed people. You think you’d act differently than those who cower behind “I’d be fired or worse?”


Earning a living = carrot + stick. Carrot: that stuff you buy with money you earn that’s left over after bills. It keeps you “happy” (compliant). The stick: what smacks your ass when you speak your truth, poke the system, or try to make it better.

Some don’t fear the stick. We’ll need more people like this in the future.