No one’s gonna work in Copiosis

Mar. 6, 2018 by

Joey the garbage slacker dude, is driving an escalade, and going to the premier clubs, dressed to kill because he’s spending his NBR wealth on things he couldn’t before. Where once he was an hourly wage, blue collar guy, now he’s a highly rewarded laborer.

Why NBR makes more sense than paying people money

Feb. 27, 2018 by

Don’t you think it’s great that everyone would be lining up to feed people? I do. Because feeding people is important. More important than filing. More important than accounting. More important than advising someone on their tax shelters.

Supply and Demand in Copiosis

Jan. 16, 2018 by

There’s really no need to fret about supply and demand in Copiosis. Natural abundance combined with Net Benefit Rewards efficiently allocates resources (including necessities) with none of the trouble we see today such as supply “surpluses” or “shortages”.

Why recent US elections are important

Jan. 2, 2018 by

There are just so many issues now seemingly indicating that the end of Capitalism may be near. An as more people start looking, our increasing capacity to make people aware of Copiosis will increase too, leading to a happy coinciding of those seeking finding their answer in Copiosis. For Copiosis offers everything for everybody.