Your indoctrination trope is showing

Oct. 31, 2017 by

It used to be that home ownership actually meant owning your home. Today it means owning a mortgage….

America is supposed to be the land of the free. Why isn’t it?

Sep. 26, 2017 by

America is supposed to be the land of the free. In the years this research has been conducted, Americans have never ranked their experience as tops in freedom.

Trump, Neo-Nazis indicate progress

Aug. 22, 2017 by

There is no way around it: change isn’t coming. It has arrived. Fundamental Change is a done deal. We are in gloriously unprecedented times. The world is becoming more and more ripe. 

“Capitalism is in real trouble”

Aug. 8, 2017 by

Nearly all the respondents saw a future where there are so few jobs, competing enterprises and viable capitalist markets, consumerism dwindles as no one can buy anything. Productivity costs due to automation drop precipitously and, with automation destroying wage-earning opportunities, capitalism collapses into some future systemic state.