Going with the flow

In the course of creating something new, something never been done before, dead ends, diversions, roundabouts, start-overs, are inevitable.  If first you don’t succeed... When we launched our first two demonstration projects, in Portland and Chico, we were excited Copiosis was going to catch on like wildfire.  It didn’t.  That’s a good thing though, 'cause had it, we … Continue reading Going with the flow

What a Citizen Jury ruling might look like

As our demonstration projects are moving forward, I’m learning a lot.  We immediately discovered ways to improve what we’re doing.  Equally, we’re discovering how quickly other elements of our innovation come into play.  One of those is the Citizen Jury.  As explained in the link, the Citizen Jury is the process citizens help the payer organization make subjective … Continue reading What a Citizen Jury ruling might look like

Have a plan

We’re not at war at Copiosis, yet battlefield wisdom applies here.  To whit: Helmuth von Moltke the Elder’s famous statement:   No plan survives contact with the enemy.   Writing this post, I found the full quote much more informative:   "The tactical result of an engagement forms the base for new strategic decisions because victory or … Continue reading Have a plan