How we’re changing the world

Every month we get responses on that get us thinking.  This month I received a short question.  The writer asked: “Is there a place to live with like-minded people (besides Burning Man for a week!)”?  I presume the writer, by “like-minded”, meant people interested in living together in a sharing  community such as Copiosis. … Continue reading How we’re changing the world

The successful build things

I speak with probably hundreds of people a month about Copiosis.  Last week, someone on Facebook claimed our two demonstration projects underway were not indications of progress.  This week, another person claimed that our projects in no way represent progress towards the RBE.  Both of these people believe that just because people aren’t giving up … Continue reading The successful build things

A progress report on creating Utopia

In a tiny corner of the United States, we’re creating Utopia for the entire planet. As Copiosis enters its 3rd year, we’re proud that we have launched not just one, but two demonstration projects showcasing our socioeconomic innovation we call Copiosis.  One demonstration project is well underway and another (Kenton) launched in recent weeks.  Here … Continue reading A progress report on creating Utopia

Six reasons why Copiosis can make the RBE a reality

Much attention is being paid to the resource-based economy (RBE) these days.   With websites such as, and a plethora of Facebook pages and Facebook groups, Google Chats, and more, more people seem to be looking at the resource-based economy.   Or maybe I’m just tuned into these conversations more today than before I started Copiosis two … Continue reading Six reasons why Copiosis can make the RBE a reality