“It’s too expensive”

Seth Godin writes: Companies don't care about you. Brands don't care about you. Institutions don't care about you either. The only people who are able to care about you are people. The question is, then, is this institution owned, organized, and run by people who will allow the people who work there to care? Generally, … Continue reading “It’s too expensive”

Crowds rarely make history

Sure, they may generate attention. They may even lead to political change or some other major progress. But in both cases and every other case I haven't mentioned, one person got the ball rolling. One person. Are you that person? If not, why not? Seriously, ask yourself why you aren't doing something about the world you … Continue reading Crowds rarely make history

The Pitfalls of Conformity

I just finished doling out advice. Not something I like to do all the time, but when I do it's fun, as most things I do are these days. A great thing about the one percent joining those working for a better world, a world without money, with fully-distributed decision making and with all necessities … Continue reading The Pitfalls of Conformity

It’s important because it might fail

"If you're doing something that might not work, then you're doing something important." - Seth Godin I love that quote. It means most of us who are using our time and energy aren't really working on something important. We are conditioned to not risk, to seek the certain path, the one that works because everyone else has … Continue reading It’s important because it might fail