I forgive Peter Joseph

Before I go any further, I forgive Peter. He doesn’t know what he’s doing and I understand that. So I hold no ill feelings personally towards him. Heck, I don’t hold any ill feelings towards anyone at TZM. Not the guy in the video claiming I need to “step up” or the Australian organizers.

Finding Joy in dispersed work teams

...that’s what makes what we’re all doing so thrilling. When you meet people of the same mindset, focused on the same big hairy ass goal (BHAG) that you’re focused on, it’s fun, joyful even, thinking about the possibilities.

Drawing blood and other passions

There are as many passions as there are people on the planet. Not everyone, once freed from earning a living, will become painters and musicians or poets. Some people will still want to start companies, invent things, work the land, conserve the environment. No. You don’t have to "motivate" people to do this work by restricting necessities and forcing people to be “productive” so they can “earn” those things.