Why people want to work not job

Work is effort. A job is something else. People today take jobs they would not take if they had a choice. They would still work. But not at that mind-numbing thing. Not that thing forcing them to follow that guy...the bad manager, the tyrant, the dick. We say people are the same. Yes, we're unique. … Continue reading Why people want to work not job

More jobs please

Two activities consume our time on earth: sleeping and working. There may come a time when sleep is unnecessary. Never say never. As for working, that time is now. Increasing numbers of jobs are disappearing. Technology obsoletes man. In Portland, just three years ago parking structures were once staffed by at least one person per … Continue reading More jobs please

People don’t work if they get things for free

People won't work if they get things for free. It's a common conservative response to safety net programs, and subsidies to individuals - anything they consider a "handout" or entitlement (interestingly though, corporations receiving such benefits are ok, but that's another story). We don't blame conservatives for their concerns. Their world view, to them, is … Continue reading People don’t work if they get things for free

The end of Jobs

Creatives are finding it increasingly difficult to earn money doing what they love. A recent United Kingdom¬†Independent Article¬†chronicled the struggle of writers who increasingly are asked to contribute their work free. A recent New York Times¬†featured another writer also expressing dismay that people expect him to offer his craft - and his valuable expertise - … Continue reading The end of Jobs