Why your neighbors don’t take action

An old friend floored me with candor: "Unfortunately, like countless others without other options, I have consented to exist and subsist, and even to try to take my best chances in the current system, lacking viable alternatives. That is the sad victory of the mainstream: to compel people to consent, however begrudgingly, to throw their … Continue reading Why your neighbors don’t take action

We are not lost

I get discouraged sometimes. Then I remember: we are not lost. Sometimes I read consciousness-broadening books. People's history of the United States, and Debt the first 5000 years, for example. I get pissed. Then I remember: we are not lost. There are movies, such as 12 Years a Slave, Elysium, Dirty Wars. I watch them and get angry. Then I … Continue reading We are not lost

Why the world is flat

I was having a chat with someone I respect. It reminded me how bizarre the world is. Bizarre because it's flat. Not the geography, but our experience of it. This experience is why the great majority of us are apathetic about life on Earth. Little has changed. Where are the inflections pointing to shifts in … Continue reading Why the world is flat