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Spoke with your customer service rep yesterday after receiving your renter’s renewal notice in the mail. I had cancelled my policy some 30 days ago because I was moving out.

No one told me that choice to end my coverage on Nov. 1  was a few days AFTER my policy term. Had someone notified me, I would have changed it to coincide with that date.

So, instead of waiving the $7 balance on my account, the agent tried to force me to pay that amount, even threatening to take me to collections…..for $7??????

I have paid my insurance in full every freaking month, on time. During that time I have not filed a claim.  How do you repay my good patronage? By sweat me for $7 freaking dollars! Way to go with your customer service.

Here are some real life, recent examples of how you could be treating your customers:

  • AT&T was going to charge me $40 (FORTY DOLLARS!) to reinstate my cell coverage after I failed to pay the bill (I had missed the bill). I didn’t know they had such a charge or else I would have enrolled in their auto-pay. When I explained this, they waived the fee! FORTY DOLLARS!
  • I recently ordered my engagement ring from The James Allen Company. After botching the delivery of the shipping envelope, they offered to waive the ONE HUNDRED DOLLAR set-up fee. Then they chipped my stone. Their policy usually is: tough luck customer! What did they do? Not only did they cover the cost of the repair, but also waived the ONE HUNDRED DOLLAR set up fee. ONE. HUNDRED. DOLLARS., I can’t believe you are trying to sweat me for SEVEN DOLLARS. To add insult to injury, your customer service representative had the nerve to explain that if it was $2 or $5 he would waive that amount.

Freaking ridiculous.

Social media is an amazing thing. It levels the playing field between the customer and the company. Go ahead: spend untold TENS OF THOUSANDS in collection costs to try to extract $7 from me. Way to go eRenterPlan.

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