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This New York Times article tells a lovely story. The tiny act of kindness described in the story warms the heart. In Copiosis Economies the favor Layla does for the writer – yes, even this small – earns Layla income.

When I read such stories i get excited thinking about how much better off we will be in a Copiosis Economy. Imagine anything you do that makes another person better off – feeling better, living better, healthier, less stressed, anything – any action you take for another will earn you income. Might that motivate you to be more helpful to others? Might that motivate others to be more helpful to you? Could money reimagined become a massive tool for making the world a better place? Copiosis Economies make it so.

Someone might criticize this and say “well people shouldn’t have to be paid to do nice things for people.” While that may be true, I say “so what?” Money acts only as a reward in Copiosis. It serves no other purpose. So why not maximize those rewards by rewarding anyone’s acts of kindness, no matter how small, especially if the supply of money is so abundant and the spending of said money doesn’t make money less available to reward other things?

Check out the story. You’ll find your heart feels better. Now imagine our entire nation filled with such acts.

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