Posted by on September 18, 2013

Charles Eisenstein offers a wonderful description of a future possible today. It describes the fundamental issue we’re facing in the world. It may be too touchy-feely for some. But for me, it clearly captures not only our plight, but what’s possible when we constructively solve our fundamental issue. What we need in America is a new context. A context that can enable human beings to reconnect with one another. The video talks about how money allows us to ignore that connection. I believe that function alone creates many of the unsolvable social problems we face. Take a look. Tell me what you think. The video supports something called “Sacred Economics”, which again is spot on. The video on Sacred Economics also is worth a look. ┬áThe first video is less than 5 min. The second is just over 12. I’ll post on the second in a separate post.

Worth a look.

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