[VIDEO] How Copiosis And Passion Drive Better Human Results

Copiosis helps people shift from extrinsic motivation to intrinsic motivation by enabling them to do what they want to do instead of forcing them to do what they feel they must do.

Extrinsic motivation is doing something out of promise of reward or threat of punishment. Copiosis helps people find intrinsic motivation, or doing something because it “feels right” for the actor.

Capitalism thrives on extrinsically motivated labor. It makes people motivate themselves into action so they don’t starve, lose their home, or job. Such extrinsic motivation feels forced. It also usually feels manipulative, especially when someone else – a boss, parent or other authority – motivates those “underneath” them into doing things they don’t want to do. Done often enough, people resent motivation coming from outside themselves.

Intrinsic motivation feels right because it comes from within. It comes from inner inspiration, borne of personal, intimate ideas one knows aligns with who they are. That’s why Copiosis asks that people act out of passion, not reward expectation. Because action from intrinsic motivation often spawns lasting positive value.

The following clip says more:

By providing Necessities to everyone at no cost to anyone, Copiosis frees people to explore their true interests and follow their real passions.

Meanwhile, Capitalism uses a “carrot and stick” approach. Superficially, Copiosis’ NBR system resembles money. However, NBR is more of token of appreciation for one’s service to the community. It recognizes contributions of those acting from intrinsic motivation.

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