[VIDEO] The Happy World That’s Our Great Future

No one lives free when society makes everyone pay for basic necessities.

We understand past consciousnesses required that. After all, back in the day, kings weren’t always as enlightened as they claimed. So their subjects suffered under Monarch Mandates. Often the suffering came hard, violent and swift. Must we continue that practice today?

Must people still trade their labor, often in shitty jobs, for what they need? And when they don’t, do need we still need to punish them? Must we force them onto the street, then humiliate them with hostile architecture? We don’t think so.

Hostile architecture looks like these bolts. Such designs keep people from sitting on ledges, benches and under bridges. They also add insult to injury for those who lose their incomes, then their homes. We can do better. (Photo By DC – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=15887655)

We’re going to do better

A world exists where intrinsic passions inspire people’s contributions. Copiosis creates that world without harming anyone. Instead it makes everyone better off. Even the rich.

In that world everyone lives free. The goal in that world? Pursue passions. When people do, innovation, problem solving and prosperity happen. Just like we want them to.

Copiosis Co-Founder Gheric Speiginer emphasized the point during a recent interview from which this clip comes. Watch the full interview on our YouTube Channel

Over eighty years ago, President Franklin Roosevelt delivered his famous “Four Freedoms” speech. Those four freedoms were Freedom of Speech, Freedom to Worship (or not), Freedom from Want and Freedom from Fear. By eliminating today’s money-and-debt system of rewards and punishments Copiosis frees people to live exactly as Roosevelt described.

We mean something specific when we say “free”. Freedom is exceedingly rare today. It can be everyone’s future though. We describe freedom in that future this way:

In Copiosis, we mean free

Freeing people to pursue their passions represents a first in recorded human history. Copiosis does not end capitalism, socialism or communism as a goal. Instead it creates a world where those systems become irrelevant. In their place emerges a better world for everyone.

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